Klane & Associates, LLC

Welcome. As of January 1, 2015 the tax and accounting practice of Klane & Associates, LLC has been integrated into Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP in Minneapolis.

If you have questions contact:

Linda Graupman
P: 612.381.8863
F: 612.746.6363

Steve Klane
P: 612.381.8886
F: 612.746.6386

Sue Kriesel
P: 612.381.8864
F: 612.746.6364

Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP
2501 Wayzata Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55405

P: 612.377.4404
F: 612.377.1325

Steve Klane will continue to own and operate Klane Wealth Management, LLC as a separate entity.

Klane Wealth Management

Klane Wealth Management clients can continue to access www.klanewealthmanagement.com, or contact Steve Klane at:

P: 612.381.8886
F: 612.381.6386